© Boo Radley Games 2013 Keep up the peaceful Pubble population, but watch out, they have a habit of slipping away! Make the Pubbles multiply by  popping 3 or more of the same colour in sequence. Sounds easy, right? But then the Pubbles begin to fall downwards,  slowly at first, but then faster, and then faster again. And, as if that wasn’t already challenging enough, you must also  defend them against evil birds, black holes, and other hazards! Luckily there are special items to help you on the way.  Unique and approachable gameplay, vibrant graphics, adorable characters, and tricky challenges make PubbleBop an all-  out finger-blasting pop-off with a twist. It will leave you catching your breath and wanting more!  - unique blend of action, physics, and puzzle gameplay.  - cute, colourful, HD graphics.   - runs very smoothly even on older devices. (60Hz on iPod2g and above)  - groovy soundtrack.   - special objects to collect and use.   - classic mode with 27 challenges across 6 different worlds.   - competition mode with online leaderboard!  Now available on iPhone, iPod, and iPad!